Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Finance Dissertation

The Print For Writing Your Dissertation Project
By: Elton F. Turner

Completing your dissertation project efficiently means completing and earning your degree. Therefore, it is imperative to know not only the salient features, but each and every part of your dissertation project and writing process. You must find out the specific requirements of your dissertation by referring to your university guidelines and consulting with your advisor. I am going to provide a general outline here which will enable you to understand how your dissertation should be written.

You need to first choose a topic relevant to your degree program. Make sure you narrow down your topic as it will then be easier to manage for your dissertation. Also, find out if there is ample material available pertinent to the theme of your topic. Once you have done that, you are now ready to write your proposal. Check the specific university guidelines for your proposal.

Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Literature ReviewChapter 3: Methodology Chapter 4: Results and Discussion Chapter 5: Conclusion
You must consult with your advisor and check your university guidelines in order to understand how your dissertation must be written.

Chapter 1: Introduction:
In this chapter you explain the purpose of your research. You also need to explain how you chose the topic and what the intention and goal of your research is. Make sure you introduce your dissertation, not just your topic.
Chapter 2: Literature Review:
In this chapter you need to show that you have conducted a thorough literature search. You should demonstrate that you have read up-to-date material. You need to also show that you have read the pertinent matter widely. You have to identify gaps in the literature. So, make sure you carry out an in-depth research.
Chapter 3: Methodology:
In this chapter you define the methods used during your research. There are various methods like surveys, observations, interviews, experiments, etc. You must consult with your advisor about what method should you choose for your dissertation. In this chapter you need to explain what you did? How it was done? Why you did it? Provide as much details as possible.
Chapter 4: Results and Discussion:
In this chapter you need to explain your own results with reference to what you found in your literature review. This will enable you to make comments along with drawing conclusions. With recommendations, you should also provide your analysis of any new themes that came out from your research.
Chapter 5: Conclusion:
This chapter concludes the whole project. You need to discuss if your research met its intentions. Also talk about the focus of further research. Remember, you don’t just conclude your research findings, rather you should conclude the whole project.

The bibliography is also known as the reference page or the words cited page. It shows each source that you used in your dissertation. All the references should be cited in the writing style recommended for your particular dissertation, like APA or MLA, etc.

Final Words:This article contains some general points regarding dissertation projects. You must consult with your advisor to find out what you exactly have to do. In order to succeed, you must stay in touch with your advisor because writing a dissertation is not an easy task and you must acquire the expertise and experience of your advisor. So, stay in touch with your advisor, understand the structure of your dissertation, carry out an in-depth research, write your dissertation and get your degree.